Core Documents

Statements of Common Ground

Statement of Common Ground (Applicant and Env. Agency):
Statement of Common Ground (Applicant and Herts CC); 
Statement of Common Ground (Applicant and Lead Local Flood Authority); 

Statements of Case

VES1 Statement of Case Veolia 
H1 Statement of Case on behalf of Hertfordshire County Council
BB1 Statement of Case of Broxbourne Borough Council
HS1 Statement of Case Hoddesdon Society
NZ1 Statement of Case of Nazeing Parish Council
HW1 Statement of Case of Herts WoW

A - Application Documents

A1 Planning Application Supporting Statement 
A1-a Design and Access Statement
A2 Statement of Community Involvement 
A3 Sustainability Statement 
A4 BREEAM Pre –assessment
A5 Utilities Statement
A6 Need Assessment
A7 Aggregates Depot Safeguarding Statement
A8 District Heating Assessment 
A9 Health Impact Assessment
A10 Outline Travel Plan 
A11 Daylight/Sunlight and Shadow Assessment
A12 Plans
-  Site Location Plan 60493630-PA01 Rev 02 
Planning Application Boundary Plan 60493630-PA02 Rev 05 3 Existing Site Layout 60493630-PA03 
Existing Site Topography Sheet 1 60493630-PA04.1

Existing Site Topography Sheet 2 60493630-PA04.2
Existing Site Topography Sheet 3 60493630-PA04.3 1:500
Existing Site Topography Sheet 4 60493630-PA04.4 A1 1
Proposed Layout General Arrangement 152030_DC_RY_SW_GA_C_101 Rev A
Proposed Site Levels Sheet  1 152030_DC_RY_SW_GA_C_105 Rev A
Proposed Site Levels Sheet 2 152030_DC_RY_SW_GA_C_106 Rev A
Energy Recovery Facility Building Ground Floor Plan P2-000 Rev 6 
Energy Recovery Facility Building Tipping Hall Level P2-030 Rev 6 

Energy Recovery Facility Roof Plan P4-001 Rev 5 
Administration/Visitor Centre - Level 000 Floor Plan P2-003 Rev 3 
Administration/Visitor Centre - Level 001 Floor Plan P2-004 Rev 3 
Administration/Visitor Centre - Level 002 Floor Plan P2-005 Rev 3 
Administration/Visitor Centre - Level 003 Floor Plan P2-006 Rev 3 

Administration/Visitor Centre - Level 004 Floor Plan P2-007 Rev 3 Administration/Visitor Centre - Level 005 Floor Plan P2-008 Rev 3 
- Administration/Visitor Centre - Level 006 Floorplan  P2-009 Rev 3 
- Administration/Visitor Centre –Proposed Section P5-001 Rev 4 A1 
Proposed Site Section Sheet 1 152030_DC_RY_SW_GA_C_116A 
Proposed Site Section Sheet 2 152030_DC_RY_SW_GA_C_117B 
Proposed Elevations -north eastern façade P3-001 Rev 7 Proposed Elevations -south western façade P3-002 Rev 

Proposed Elevations -north western façade P3-003 Rev 6 27 Proposed Elevations -south eastern façade P3-004 Rev 28 Weighbridge Office Building Floor Plan and Elevations P2-1000 Rev 5 
Incinerator Bottom Ash Building Floor Plan and Elevation P2-2000 Rev 2 
Outline Landscaping Scheme 60493630 PA05 
Proposed Site Drainage 152030_DC_RY_SW_GA_C_102 Rev B
Preliminary External Lighting Layout 9233-SES-XX-XX-DR-X-TDSK2
Rev P2

Ratty’s Lane – General Arrangement Sheet 1 60493630 PA06 
Ratty’s Lane – General Arrangement Sheet 2 60493630 PA07 
Vehicle Tracking –Sheet 1 152030_DC_RY_SW_GA_C_113 Rev A
Vehicle Tracking –Sheet 2 152030_DC_RY_SW_GA_C_114 Rev A

A13 Environmental Statement (Volume 1 – Main Text)
A14 Environmental Statement (Volume 2 – Technical Appendices)
A15 Environmental Statement (Volume 3 – Technical Appendices)
A16 Environmental Statement ( Non-Technical Summary)
A17 Regulation 22 Responses & other information 

B - Committee Report, Minutes & Statutory Consultation

B1 Hertfordshire County Council Development Control Committee Report
B2 Hertfordshire County Council Development Control Committee Minutes
B3 Statutory Consultees and Interested Parties Responses and Representations 

C - Development Plan Policy Documents

C1 Hertfordshire Waste Core Strategy  & Development Management Policies Development Plan Document 2011-2026
C2 Hertfordshire Waste Site Allocations Local Development Document 
C3 Saved policies of Broxbourne Local Plan  
C4 Draft Broxbourne Local Plan (Pre Submission consultation draft)
C5 Hertfordshire Mineral Plan Review 2007
C6 Hertfordshire Mineral Local Plan Consultation Draft December 2017

D - National Planning Policy and Guidance

D1 National Planning Policy Framework 2012
D2 National Planning Policy Framework.  Draft text for consultation.  HCLG, March 2018
D3 National Waste Management Plan for England 2013
D4 National Planning Policy for Waste 2014
D5 DEFRA: Energy from Waste – A Guide to the Debate (February 2013)
D6 Overarching National Policy Statement for Energy (EN-1).
D7 Planning Policy Statement 10: Planning for Sustainable Waste Management (March 2012)
D8 DCLG Updated National Waste Planning Policy: Planning for Sustainable Waste Management Consultation Document.  July 2013
D9 'Waste Disposal: Written question - Parliamentary Question 124194' (Defra, 29 January 2018).
D10 Government Review of Waste Policy in England (Defra, 2011).

E - European Directives and Waste Strategy Documents

E1 The Waste Framework Directive 2008/98/EC
E2 Industrial Emissions Directive 2010/75/EC
E3 The EU Landfill Directive 1999
E4 Habitats Directive 1992/43/EEC
E5 Directive on the Assessment of the Effects of Certain Public and Private Projects on the Environment 2011/92/EU (EIA Directive);
E6 EU Directive on Environmental Impact Assessment 2014/52/EU
E7 Part 1 - EU Circular Economy Strategy
E7 Part 2 - EU Circular Economy Strategy
E8 European Sustainable Development Strategy; and Thematic Strategy on Waste Prevention and Recycling
E9 ’The role of waste-to-energy in the circular economy’, EC Communication, 26th January 2017
E10 ‘Closing the loop — An EU action plan for the circular economy’, COM (2015) 614 final, EC Communication, 2015
E11 The EU’s ‘2018 Circular Economy Package’, adopted in January 2018 so as to implement the Circular Economy Action Plan *

F - Relevant Appeal Decisions

F1 Energy from Waste facility and household recycling centre at Battlefield Enterprise Park, Vanguard Way, Shrewsbury, Shropshire – Appeal Decision Ref:APP/L3245/A/11/2146219)
F2 Energy from waste plant, Rookery South Pit, Bedfordshire (Ref: IPC Panel decision - EN0100011)
F3 Energy from waste facility, Oak Drive, Hartlebury, Worcestershire (Ref: APP/E1855/V/11/2153273)
F4 Generating Station, Lostock, Northwich Cheshire. Ref:DPI/A0665/11/10/LI A0665)
F5 Green Lane Salford  (Ref :APP/U4230/A/11/2162115)
F6 Resource Recovery Park, Ince Marshes, Cheshire. Appeal Ref:APP/Z0645/A/07/2059609
F7 Ineos Chlor decision.  Application for consent to construct and operate an energy from waste combined heat and power generating station at Runcorn, Cheshire.  BERR decision letter, 2008
F8 Planning Inspector M Middleton's Decision for Lock Street, St Helens (PINS Ref: APP/H4315/A/14/2224529).*

G - Noise and Vibration

G1 British Standard BS 5228-1: 2009+A1:2014 Code of Practice for Noise and Vibration Control on Construction and Open Sites. Part 1: Noise, BSI, 2014 ~ subject to copyright, please contact the Programme Officer
G2 British Standard BS 5228-2: 2009+A1:2014 Code of Practice for Noise and Vibration Control on Construction and Open Sites. Part 2: Vibration, BSI, 2014 ~ subject to copyright, please contact the Programme Officer
G3 British Standard BS 7385-2: 1993 Evaluation and Measurement for Vibration in Buildings – Part 2: Guide to Damage Levels from Ground-borne Vibration, BSI, 1993 ~ subject to copyright, please contact the Programme Officer
G4 International Standard ISO 9613-2: 1996 Acoustics – Attenuation of Sound During Propagation Outdoors – Part 2: General Method of Calculation, ISO, 1996 ~ subject to copyright, please contact the Programme Officer
G5 British Standard BS 4142: 2014 Methods for Rating and Assessing Industrial and Commercial Sound, BSI, 2014 ~ subject to copyright, please contact the Programme Officer
G6 Calculation of Road Traffic Noise, DoT and the Welsh Office, 1988
G7 Design Manual for Roads and Bridges, Volume 11, Section 3, Part 7 (HD 213/11 – Revision 1) Noise and Vibration, Highways England, 2011
G8 Noise Policy Statement for England (NPSE), DEFRA, March 2010

H - Heritage

H1 The Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act, 1990 ss 66 & 72 
H2 The Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act, 1979 
H3 Historic Environment Good Practice Advice in Planning 3, 2nd Edition (GPA3): The Setting of Heritage Assets, Historic England, 2017
H4 Conservation Principles; Policy for the Sustainable Management of the Historic Environment, Historic England Consultation Draft, 2017

J - Climate Change/Sustainability

J1 Overarching national policy statement for energy (NPS EN-1).  DECC, July 2011
J2 National policy statement for renewable energy infrastructure (NPS EN-3).  DECC, July 2011
J3 Planning our electric future: a white paper for secure, affordable and low-carbon electricity.  DECC July 2011
J4 Waste Management Plan for England 2013. Defra December 2013
J5 UK Energy in Brief 2017. BEIS July 2017
J6 The Clean Growth Strategy.  HM Government, October 2017
J7 UK Renewable Energy Roadmap.  DECC.  July 2011
J8 UK Renewable Energy Roadmap Update 2013.  DECC.  November 2013
J9 Renewable Energy Directive EU Directive 2009/28/EC
J10 Government Review of Waste Policy in England 2011.  Defra, 2011
J11 Meeting the Energy Challenge - Energy White Paper, DTI, May 2007
J12 Annual Energy Statement.  DECC, July 2010
J13 2050 Pathways Analysis.  HM Government, July 2010
J14 2011 Annual Energy Statement.
J15 2012 Annual Energy Statement.  DECC, November 2012.
J16 HM Government, The UK Renewable Energy Strategy.  TSO, July 2009.
J17 A green future: our 25 year plan to improve the environment.  HM Government 2018.
J18 Congestion, capacity, carbon: priorities for national infrastructure.  National infrastructure commission.  October 2017
J19 Electricity Market Reform: Contract For Difference.  Allocation Methodology For Renewable Energy Generation. DECC.  August 2013
J20 'Energy recovery for residual waste: A carbon based modelling approach' (Defra, February 2014). *
J21 Table 1 of 'The Government's Green Book supplementary guidance: valuation of energy use and greenhouse gas emissions for appraisal, Table 1 of Tables 1-20: supporting the toolkit and the guidance' (BEIS, December 2017).
J22 The Environment Agency's consultation submission to planning application S/16/1055 in Swindon (dated 7 July 2017). * see Environment Agency Consultee Comment uploaded 22 Aug 2017
J23 'Valuation of Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions: Background Documentation' (BEIS, 2018)
J24 Hertfordshire Waste Composition Analysis report produced in May 2015 for Hertfordshire County Council by M•E•L Research
J25 'Guidance on Valuation of Energy Use and Greeenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions' (BEIS, January 2018)
J26 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Chapter 3 of Volume 5 of the 2006 IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories
J27 Eunomia's 2015 report entitled 'The Potential Contribution of Waste Management to a Low Carbon Economy'.
J28 Hertfordshire Waste Partnership Annual Report for 2016-17, published in 2018 *
J29 ‘Growth within: a circular economy vision for a competitive Europe’ by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the McKinsey Centre for Business and Environment and the Stiftungsfonds für Umweltökonomie und Nachhaltigkeit (SUN), June 2015.
J30 ‘The benefits for climate action policy of resource efficiency actions’, Key Points from a COP 23 discussion, Bonn, 13th November 2017

K - Waste Management Strategy 

K1 Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy 2007
K2 Hertfordshire Waste Partnership Annual Report 2016/2017
K3 Local Authority Collected Waste Spatial Strategy (LACWSS) November 2016
K4 Community Safety & Waste Management Cabinet Panel Report March 2016

L - Air Quality

L1 Land Use Planning & Development Control: Planning for Air Quality Jan 2017

M - Water Resources & Flood Risk

M1 Broxbourne Level 1 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment  May 2016
M2 SuDS Design Guidance for Hertfordshire, March 2015
M3 Local Flood Risk Management Strategy for Hertfordshire 2013 - 2016 
M4 Environment Agency - Flood Risk Assessments: Climate Change Allowances,  February 2017

N - Landscape & Visual Impact

N1 Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment, Third Edition, 2013
N2 Natural England, National Character Area 111: Northern Thames Basin
N3 Natural England, National Character Area 86: South Suffolk and North Essex Clayland
N4 Not Allocated
N5 Essex Landscape Character Assessment
N6 Epping Forest Landscape Character Assessment,
N7 East Herts Landscape Character Assessment,
N8 Harlow Area Landscape and Environment Study,
N9 Broxbourne Landscape Character Assessment
N10 Lee Valley Regional Park Plan 
N11 Epping Forest District Local Plan 1998 & Alterations (2006), (2008)

O - Environmental Permit

O1 Environment Agency Permit Application (Ref Number EPR/SP3038D/A001)
O1A Vol 4 Impact Assessment Appendix C HHRA

P - Miscellaneous

P1 Roads in Hertfordshire: Highway Design Guide 3rd Edition
P2 EFDC Chapter 11 submitted by Sue Clarke
P3 IPC Scoping Opinion - Proposed Fieldes Lock Power Station
P4 Hertfordshire - Authority's Monitoring Report (1st April 2016 - 31 March 2017)
P5 Hertfordshire Local Transport Plan May 2018

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