Documents Submitted During the Inquiry

DOC 1        Inquiry Notification letter
DOC 2       Opening Statement on behalf of Herts Without Waste
DOC 3       Opening Statement on behalf of Hoddesdon Society
DOC 4       Opening Statement on behalf of the Parish Councils of Nazeing; Roydon; Stanstead St Margaret and Stanstead Abbotts; (the Four PC’s)
DOC 5       Opening Statement on behalf of Broxbourne Borough Council
DOC 6       Opening Submission on behalf of Herfordshire County Council
DOC 7       Opening Statement on behalf of Veolia
DOC 8       Submission submitted on behalf of Broxbourne & Wormley Woods Area Conservation Society
DOC 9       Statement submitted by Ken Ayling
DOC 10     Statement submitted by Tom Carroll and further letter to the Inquiry
DOC 11     Statement submitted by Lea Brock
DOC 12     Statement submitted by Cllr Tim Hutchings
DOC 13     Statement submitted by Carol White
DOC 14     Pictures Submitted by Jane Cranfield
DOC 15     Statement submitted by Alan Searing
DOC 16     Statement submitted by Mrs Maureena Batra
DOC 17     Statement submitted by Mr Hibberd – Abbey View Produce
DOC 18     Copy of Herts CC Objections to Fieldes Lock (DCO) 
DOC 19     Copy of Veolia Letter to Residents dated 9th March 2017
DOC 20     Bundle of amended Drawings – Nos P3-001 (rev 8); P3-002 (rev 8); P3-003 (rev 7); P3-004 (rev 7)
DOC 21     Extract from Bat Conservation Trust Document - Bat Surveys: Good Practice
DOC 22(a) Draft S106 Agreement - superseded by DOC 91a
DOC 22(b) CIL Document 
DOC 23     Viewpoint 2 Montage submitted by Janet Whybrow
DOC 24     Addendum to evidence of Mr Cox 
DOC 25     Planning Application for Bidivest; Iron Mountain; Tamar/Trent Site and the Application Site (Tarmac 1983)
DOC 26     HCC Draft response as Highway Authority re Fieldes Lock DCO Application (3/1/2013) 
DOC 27     Map of horticultural nursey locations (submitted by Mr Stiles) 
DOC 28     Mott Macdonald letter of 13th June 2018 – revising proposed yellow box arrangement on Ratty Lane 
DOC 29     Documents submitted by Mr Bees
DOC 30     Letter dated 18th June from Angela Locke
DOC 31     Submission to the Inquiry from Lord Davies
DOC 32(a) Statement of Common Ground (Applicant and Env. Agency)
DOC 32(b) Statement of Common Ground (Applicant and Herts CC)
DOC 32(c) Statement of Common Ground (Applicant and Lead Local Flood Authority)
DOC 33      Waste collection service details - this is an excel document
DOC 34      Mr Cooper viewpoints referred to in evidence
DOC 35      Statement submitted by Mr Culley
DOC 36      Suffolk (Great Blakenham) ERF (referred to in Evidence-in-chief - Mr Cooper) 
DOC 37      Broxbourne Local Plan Employment Land Study Final Report July 2016 (Extract)
DOC 38      Hoddesdon Business Park Improvement Plan (Sept 13) 
DOC 39      AECOM letter re proposed stacks (dated 25th June 2018)
DOC 40(a)    PP for Impressa Park 07/18/10211/F
DOC 40(b)    PP Broxbourne Enterprise Centre 07/115/0732/F
DOC 41         High Leigh Decision 
DOC 42         Information re Edmonton ERF (submitted by Hoddesdon Society)
DOC 43         Statement submitted by Paul Mason
DOC 44         Statement submitted by Peter Worth
DOC 45         Statement submitted by Bettee Hindmarch
DOC 46         Statement submitted by Cllr Lewis Cocking
DOC 47         Statement Submitted by Richard Casselle
DOC 48         Letter dated 21st June 2018 from Miss T Cox
DOC 49         Extracts of Hertfordshire Waste Local Plan - Initial Consultation Document Dated February 2018
DOC 50         Letter dated 29th June 2018 from David Fletcher, DB Cargo (UK) Limited
DOC 50a       Confirmation of how information was sought from DB Cargo (UK) Limited
DOC 51         Copy of Press Notice title “Veolia’s Herts EfW in PFI withdrawal blow”
DOC 52         Statement submitted by Tarah Manchester
DOC 53         Statement submitted by Cllr Mary Sartin (Epping Forest District)
DOC 54         Herts Kerbside Waste Composition Analysis
DOC 55         Note on Nazeing Conservation Area and Cycle Route No 1
DOC 56         Draft “Wider Area” site visit itinerary for Monday 9th July 2018
DOC 57         Extracts from Hoddesdon Conservation Area Appraisal 
DOC 58         Helena Kelly speaking note
DOC 59         Preliminary External Lighting Layout - Plan Number 9233-SES-XX-SXX-DR-X-E-TDSK2 Rev P4
DOC 60         Statement submitted by Mrs C Chivers
DOC 61         Statement submitted by Councillor Jackson
DOC 62         Extract from Environment Agency Permitting Decision relating to Avonmouth IBA Recycling Facility
DOC 63         Additional information on behalf of Mr Crabb in response to evidence given by Messrs Russell and Corrance
DOC 64         Statement of Evidence given by Kathy Condon
DOC 65         Extracts from SUEZ, Suffolk energy-from-waste facility, Annual Report 2015 and 
The Commercial Greenhouse Grower June 2018 submitted by Hoddesdon Society

DOC 66         Query raised by Parish Councils regarding Receptor 15 and Roydon Marina Village with response from Veolia
DOC 67         Large scale map of Roydon and Nazeing showing Conservation Area and Road Names
DOC 68        Draft permit for proposed Ratty's Lane ERF
DOC 69        Draft Conditions (24 July 2018)
DOC 70        Technical Note regarding TEMPRO Growth (Mott MacDonald)
DOC 71        Technical Note regarding TEMPRO Factors (John Russell, motion)
DOC 72        Transport calculations submitted by Nazeing Parish Council
DOC 73        Statement presented by Mr Martyn Sansom
DOC 74        Daily Telegraph article dated 25 October 2016 regarding GW Pharmaceuticals
DOC 75        Photograph of Energy from Waste Hanford Facility in Stoke on Trent
DOC 76        Aecom letter to Veolia dated 26th July regarding Rye House Energy Recovery Facility
DOC 77        Aecom Letter to Veolia dated 30 July 2018 regarding air dispersion modellling assessment
DOC 78        Email from Broxbourne Borough Council regarding background noise levels
DOC 79        Alternative Access Sketch Drawing No. 397262-MMD-BA02-00-DR-C-0001 rev P1 
DOC 80        Response by HCC to Inspector comments on original draft of S106 and appendices re Question 8
DOC 81        Veolia and HCC response regarding Local Transport Plan Query
DOC 82        Statement submitted by Cllr Bren Perryman
DOC 83        Revised suggested condition 44
DOC 84        Closing Statement submitted by the Four PCs
DOC 85        Closing Statement submitted by the Hoddesdon Society
DOC 86        Closing Statement submitted by Herts Without Waste
DOC 87        Closing Statement submitted by Broxbourne Borough Council and HC Judgment Irving v. Mid Sussex District Council
DOC 88        Comparison of Traffic Flow Forecasts
DOC 89        Note from Kevin Honour on cumulative air quality effects on sensitive ecological receptors
DOC 90         Closing Statement by Hertfordshire County Council
DOC 91a       Revised draft Section 106
DOC 91b       Revised CIL Compliance Statement
DOC 92         Closing Statement submitted by Veolia ES Hertfordshire Ltd
DOC 93         Revised Suggested Condition no. 9
DOC 94         Hoddesdon Society response to DOC 89
DOC 95         Additional  Note regarding cumulative air quality effects on sensitive receptors

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